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Our first port of call is to listen to your needs and where you want to go in life, then a package is "Taylored" to help you achieve your goals.


Our service is completely mobile. Because we want to make your experience as hassle free as possible we meet you where it is most convenient for you - at our office, at your home or at your work place.

We recognise that everyone has a busy life. We can meet with you during the day or evening to discuss you needs.


TaylorMade Financial group offers a completely impartial brokerage service which means for you, rather than only offering the products of one company, we have access to multiple lending institutions and insurers, giving you assurance that we can provide the right solution for you. The advice and information that you receive is totally focused on satisying your needs.


Our relationship with you is important to us and all of our dealings with you reflect this in our professional approach to your needs. TaylorMade Mortgages Limited and TaylorMade Insurance Limited are governed by the Financial Markets Authority

Personal Service

Your lending and insurance requirements are handled personally by TaylorMadeFinancial Group Limited. Your application is managed using a tracking system that enables us to keep you informed every step of the way. We have in place a comprehensive communication network so that if you have questions or concerns, you can contact us at anytime .

Saving you TIME and MONEY

Talking to lending institutions and insurance companies and investigating options can take an enourmous amount of time and resources. Not all options are available directly to the public. We have done all the hard work for you. We already know what is available and we can help you to "Taylor" the best solution for your needs.

Access to a Network of Professionals

We see relationships with like minded professionals as an important aspect of a successful business. Business Network International is an association of professionals who meet regularly to share ideas and learn about each others companies. We draw on each others' skills and experiences to develop and grow our own businesses. you benefit from the professional contacts we have access to.

With an active membership to BNI as a client of TaylorMade Financial Group Limited you can benefit from these associations by having access to an extensive range of professionals in such areas as Real Estate, Insurance, Law, Property Valuation, Rental Income Evaluation, Investment Advice, and Property Enhancement.

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