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Choose the TaylorMade Group as your advisers for ...

Better Finance Deals
because we deal with the lenders all the time we know what they are looking for. we know the right things to ask and the right things to say to ensure you have the best chance of getting the finance you need.

Impartiallity and Choice
we work with almost all lenders and understand their constantly changing rules so you don't have to. we can find you the mortgage deal that works for you.

So you can take it easy
We do all the hard work and put all the details together so you don't have to. All we need from you is a few basic details and we can do the rest.

Hassle Free - Save you Money
Not only do we take the hassle out of finance, we love saving you money so much that we have some great offers for home buyers that could save you $1000's in costs.

First Home Finance
when you buy your first home there's a lot to learn. we can walk you through the process and and give you practical advise you can really use. we believe you should surround yourself with good people that put you first. we will recommend the right people to talk to for any aspects we don't deal with.

Property Investment Finance
Property investment requires a completely different approach to buying a home. different lenders have different rules. we are able to customise your finance to ensure you are getting the best out of your loan. there are tax advantages to be had and we will ensure you get the right advice about your position.

Access to Network of Professionals

we can put you in touch with a huge range of proven professionals for all sorts of products and services. Just ask us.


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