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When you employ the services of TaylorMade Mortgages Limited your needs are foremost in the application process.

- Initially we like to discuss your needs and understand exactly what it is you are trying to achieve. to compile a clear picture for us to work with and to give us an opportunity to prepare recommendations that are relevant to you.

- Once we have established your needs an application form needs to be completed to present to the lending institution. This is our opportunity to put your best case forward. Together we can put the time and effort into making sure every positive factor of your situation is outlined to the lender.

- This application then is forwarded to the lending institution and is tracked through every stage of the process and you are kept informed of its progress.

- Once your application is accepted documents are prepared by the lender for you to sign then funds are allocated to the agreed destination.

Application Checklist

Some of the information needed to accompany an application form:

Proof of income

- Salary and Wage earners. Two most recent payslips or signed letter from employer showing current income.
- Self Employed. Copies of financial accounts for the last two years.
- Rental Income. Copy of tenancy agreements or rental appraisal completed by property manager.

Deposit Confirmation

- Bank statements showing 4-6 months history of savings.

Repayment History

- 6 months loan transaction report of current mortgage from current lender

- 3 Months recent bank statements showing mortgage payments

Property Purchase

- Copy of Sale and Purchase agreement


- Copy of Government Valuation or Registered Valuation

Construction Loan Applications

Additional information required:

- Copy of fixed price contract

- Copy of plans and specifications

- Registered Valuation showing value of property upon completion.

Company Applications

- Copy of certificate of incorporation
- Particulars of directors and shareholders

Trust Applications

- Copy of trust deed
- Particulars of trustees

Identification Requirements

Two forms of identification are required to be sited by us and recorded on the application form as positive identification as regulated by Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996.

To complete an application form click here.


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