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STEVE TAYLOR - Insurance Specialist

Steve has a long history of finding the just the right solution for people. Having trained as an automotive engineer he went on to develop his skills further in the aviation industry. Christchurch born and bred and working with many people over the years he establishing solid relationships was known as the guy to ask if you wanted to find out the the best way, the best place or the best people to talk to about just about anything.

These days you can insure just about anything. With his own Insurance advice and brokering business Steve is passionate about ensuring that his client's financial position is protected by indivdually 'tayloring' a risk management plan. His practical background and having a family of his own mean he has a down to earth view of the realities of life and relates closely to the needs of his clients.

Having associations with many insurance companies and their products his clients are assured that the right cover is available to protect their assets, health, life and income at an affordable price. For those in business Steve can provide commercial insurance, business start up cover, business overheads protection and many other options.

Understanding that life has a way of changing over time with leaving home, getting married, buying and selling property, having children and children leaving home Steve likes to keep in touch with his clients to ensure that their risk protection is still right for them.

Steve offers a free review of you current insurance plan to ensure you have the right cover.

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SARAH TAYLOR - Operations Manager

Sarah has had a long history in customer service and business system management.

Working for and developing systems for companies from small businesses to national corporations. Previous to owning her own mortgage broking company Sarah spent four years developing client care and business systems for an insurance practice.

This role has given Sarah the opportunity to look after clients needs around the most intimate details about their lives and through this has established strong client relationships based on trust and integrity.

Sarah has also developed strong alliances with respected professionals in many fields and has added to this network by belonging to an established business network group called Business Network International.

When you deal with Sarah you have access to many associated proven professionals to assist you in areas such as Insurance, Real Estate, Law, Property Valuation, Rental Assessment and Property Improvements.

Her professional experience over the years in business management coupled with a passion for “what is best for the client” has enabled her to grow the TaylorMade Mortgage brand and continue to grow the whole TaylorMade Group brand by managing the business and being operational support to the whole TaylorMade team.







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